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Window Tinting St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Auto Detail is an Xpel Prime window tint installation center.  We have literally everything from a base tint all the way up to their Prime XR Plus tint, which is all ceramic offering 98% infrared heat rejection. The only tint restriction we have in Missouri is 35% on the front doors is what you’re supposed to do. At the end of the day, it’s really up to the customer. We let them know that that’s the law.

We find the differences in our tinting packages comes more from product than from the amount of windows, so we prefer to think of our tint jobs as custom packages every time. There’s only so many combinations of windows you can do on a vehicle, after all.  Xpel has options for a for all applications as well as the appearance your looking for. The differences in prices come less from the number of windows and more from the line of film you use. So, choose your film, and we’ll talk about what you want tinted.

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Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Increases Privacy
  • Increases Security
  • Heat Reduction
  • Prevents Interior Fading
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Xpel Window Tint

  • Xpel Prime XR Plus
  • Offering 98% infrared heat rejection.

Which Tint Fits?

Whether you’re getting window tint for the look of it or to keep your vehicle cooler, St. Louis Auto Detail has a Xpel window tint that will fit your needs.

Traditional Dyed Film

Traditional dyed film is what people think of first when it comes to window tints. It’s a dyed film that will shade your windows, and it comes in a variety of colors. While it definitely delivers on the benefits of the aesthetics of the vehicle, newer technologies have higher heat rejection. Overall, this tint is a good introduction to tint when you’re on a budget.

Metallic Tints

Metallic tints have higher heat rejection than dyed films, and many of them also have a desirable reflective finish. On the other hand, one of the biggest drawbacks is that they can block radio and cell phone signals, so your devices sometimes don’t work as well. As a mid-range tint, it works well for privacy and security.

Xpel Prime XR Plus The Pinnacle Of High Performance Tint

Ceramic tints, much like ceramic coatings, have changed the game. They’re able to get higher heat rejection without having to be as dark — meaning that you can have better protection and better aesthetic qualities without getting any of those pesky equipment violation tickets. While they are the most expensive of the films, they also have the longest warranties and you don’t have to worry about device interference. Additionally, because of the molecular structure of ceramics, this film has the additional benefit of giving a higher shatter resistant shield to your window than any other film. Overall, ceramic tints are the best long-term investment for your vehicle, as long as your willing to give up the up-front capital.

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