Clear Bra Packages



St. Louis Auto Detail prides itself on taking a project-based approach to each vehicle. Especially with something like clear bra, where each car has different angles and each driver has different preferences, at our shop we find it just as easy to give each vehicle a custom consult and quote for clear bra, as opposed to someone shopping for packages as if we were a chain shop. We do have some popular, typical options, however. These packages are the most-often requested and tend to cover the most high-impact areas on vehicles.

The best way to protect your investment!

Bumper Package

The Bumper package for Clear Bra is self-explanatory. We offer this package for those who want to keep the front bumper of their daily driver safe. It offers the minimum protection, but at the place that takes the most damage on your vehicle.

Standard Package

The Standard Package for Clear Bra covers where you need it most. We include the front bumper, the backs of mirrors, and a bikini cut for your hood, which covers the first 14-24 inches on your hood.

Front End Package

The Front End Package covers the full front end of your vehicle. It’s definitely a great, mid-level protection for the rock chips that come flying off the highway.

Full Car

Of course, we also offer PPF for your Full Car. This is the most protection for your vehicle. Combine this amount of clear bra with a high-quality Ceramic Pro coating, and you have the best possible protection for your vehicle.