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Professional Auto Detailing Chesterfield, MO

That is kind of a hybrid between a basic detail and something we’ve invented ourselves which saves our customers a lot of money. First, we typically tell the customer to go get it inspected first to see what the leasing company is going to nitpick apart. What we’ll do with that is we typically walk around the car with the customer. Then, we’ll take their list and we’ll go through it and address each concern accordingly. Then, we’ll do a basic detail on the exterior. If there’s any type of rock chips or touch-ups or anything like that or paint repair that needs to be completed, we take care of it. We’ll also handle the wheel repair. At that point, they take the car back to the dealership and give the car back. Because the dealerships aren’t specialists in detailing, it takes us a lot less time and costs the customer a lot less money to bring their cars to us before taking them back to the dealership.We can usually get them to where they’ll pay us a third of what the leasing company typically is going to charge you.

It works out fantastically well for both parties. Dealers love it, and our dealers will actually refer them to us. What few dealers we still use, but they’ll say, “Call Matt and have his guys walk around it with you. Go get it inspected and have them walk around it. They’ll save you money leaps and bounds.” Sometimes even when there’s a lot of damage — from city driving, or maybe the lessee has kids that weren’t super careful — we can really help. The leasing company usually only gives you one or two dings and then they start charging you, often we can save you money and the headaches during that process all at one location.

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Included in Package

  • Review of Dealer Inspection
  • Custom Consult on Vehicle
  • Removal of As Much Damage as Possible
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