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While we could list all kinds of different detailing options, at the end of the day, we’re going to end up with the package that everyone is going to be happy with. My big thing is no one here wants to put a car out that’s not to their standards. In certain situations, it’s only going to take five more minutes to do it the right way, so just do it. That is one of many reasons why we have such loyal customers. Often when our customers take delivery of their car, before they even leave they’re say, “This thing looks ridiculous. Can I schedule my wife’s car?” or “Can we just leave this one?”, “Can I drop off my daughter’s next Monday?”. To use a baseball analogy, we always like to get on base every time.  We treat everybody the same way, whether you pull up in a Ford Escort, or an exotic car. We treat you the exact same way. The car is special to you. Obviously, you’re here to get something done to it. Let’s figure out what your needs are and get it done. We make sure that everybody feels like we want to earn their business.

We have a variety of packages to suit every need. Our shop is unique in that the three main partners here each have a specialty — one in clear bra and vinyl and window tint, one in PDR (paintless dent repair) and one in detailing and paint correction. That means that our team has the benefit of specialty training, and that we can turn out the very best vehicle every time. We have packages that include everything from a complete interior detailing, and then interior and exterior including clay bar. We have engine detailing, express wax, headlight polishing and a lease car return detailing service.

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Express Wax

This is our most basic package. It’s a basic wash with clay bar and then a wax or wax alternative.

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Standard Detail

This is our Standard Wash, which most cars will receive as preparation for more advanced services. It includes clay bar, single stage polish, cleaning the exterior glass, and a wax or wax alternative.

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Lease Car Return

This package is a custom service that we offer in conjunction with dealers who lease vehicles. You simply bring us your lease inspection, and we do the work of fixing the damage. It saves people a third on average!

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Engine Detail

This package cleans your whole engine compartment AND the engine, with optional upgrades for show-ready engines that include chrome and other high-end finishes.

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Interior Detail

This package is a standard, but high quality, interior detail, with an optional leather conditioning upgrade.

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