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When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, Clear Bra also known a Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an excellent option for providing an additional layer of protection to your vehicle without compromising style. This is not your Dad’s clear bra. Gone are the days of 1/3 covered hoods and fenders where after a few months you can clearly see the line between the PPF and the paint. Recent advancements in clear bra technology enable us to cover full panels including hoods and fenders, and virtually any panel. This film is extremely clear, stain resistant and even has a Self Healing top coat that eliminates the dreaded swirls that plague both unprotected paint and clear bra of yesteryear.

Clear Bra is an incredibly clear, polyurethane, invisible film. It helps prevent damage from gravel, rocks, bugs, road salt, magnesium chloride, tree sap and scratches. We encourage protection to the parts of cars most prevalent to damage including the front bumper, hood, front mirrors and headlights. There is also the option to cover the entire car. Clear Bra should be installed by an experienced auto detailing professional. Whenever possible, we utilize a plotter and cutting software where we can produce customized patterns to fit your car perfectly and offers. Our experience also allows us to perform custom “bulk cut” installations whenever necessary. It’s important to select a reputable brand such as XPEL so you don’t have to worry about the film cracking, peeling or yellowing.

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Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protection

  • Rock Chips
  • Environmental Damage
  • Scratches and Swirls
  • Paint Chips
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What We Offer

  • Experienced Installers
  • In-House, State-of the Art Plotter
  • Largest Available Printer
  • On-Staff Graphic Designer

Clear Bra Protects Your Vehicle

This generation of clear bra is nothing like how it started out. It’s virtually invisible, self-healing, and guaranteed protection.

The Unbeatable Combination of Ceramic Pro and Clear Bra

Because of the complimentary benefits, a lot of our Ceramic Pro jobs end up getting full front ends or just from bumpers or rocker panels or behind the back wheels or whatever the case may be. We do the PPF and then it’s very clear that the addition of Ceramic Pro coatings keeps that PPF or vinyl wrap working and looking good for longer. Ceramic Pro also has the hydrophobic top coat, so it’s much easier to keep clean, even more so than just a vinyl wrap on its onw. I would say the majority of our matte or flat wraps that we do, full customer wraps that we do, our color change wraps, we end up doing Ceramic Pro over, just for the ease of maintenance and especially extending the life of the vinyl.

Xpel Ultimate Ten Year Film

Xpel is one of the industry’s most respected films. We carry Xpel Ultimate a ten year film.. It’s virtually invisible and its self-healing effects mean that you rarely, if ever, have a problem with rips or tears in the film. If you do, the warranty’s got your back. We’ve been known to protect vehicles with anywhere from simple bumper coverage all the way up to a full-vehicle wrap. Clear bra is the only paint protection solution that can protect against rock chips, so it’s especially important for those who do a lot of track driving in exotic cars, or for daily drivers that travel on the St. Louis highways a lot.

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