Our exterior detailing package is the clay bar and a single-stage polish and then a wax, which would actually be a polymer sealant.  We also include the wheels, wheel wells and tires all get cleaned and the exterior glass would also get cleaned.

Anything above a basic, which is where we’re doing just a single-stage. It’s either going to be a basic or you’re all in and we’re going to be doing a full paint correction. We offer a two-stage correction, but once you’ve done a two-stage correction, you’re so close to being perfect that we usually just make the car perfect. If you’re searching for “auto detailing near me,” look no further! We are your one-stop shop for all your auto detailing needs.

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Included in Package

  • Clay Bar
  • One-Stage Polish
  • Menzerna Paint Sealant
  • Wheel and Tire Detail
  • Exterior Glass Cleaning
The best way to protect your investment!

Wax or Wax Alternatives?

We typically just use Menzerna throughout our shop. We’ll use Menzerna for all of our compounds and our paint sealant (Power Lock). We are also a Sonax and Americana distributor.

However, in many ways, wax has been replaced by other paint protective options such as Ceramic Pro and clear bra. While we don’t offer the Ceramic Pro Sport package as a stand-alone job, we know that some customers want to get their feet wet in terms of what Ceramic Pro can do. So, we tend to offer it as an add-on to a regular detailing package. It’s an alternative to wax if people don’t like the waxes we offer or want a more permanent solution, or if people just want to see what Ceramic Pro can do.

Traditional waxes, even paint sealants, only last up to three months. Ceramic Pro Sport is guaranteed for six months.