Protect yourself and your investment with premium car window tint in St. Louis! Here are Ceramic Pro Elite St. Louis, we believe in protecting you, your passengers, and your interior just as much as we believe in protecting your car’s exterior. The sun causes premature aging to your interior and leaves you and your passengers exposed to harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancer. 

At Ceramic Pro St. Louis, we offer Ceramic Pro KAVACA Carbon CS car window tint. This film is made up of a proprietary blend of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials, which can block up to 70% of infrared heat keeping your cabin cool during our hot summers. It blocks out heat, reducing your need for air conditioning. KAVACA Carbon CS blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays, keeping you and your passengers safer. 

This film looks great and performs even better. It is the ultimate comfort in dyed window films. Carbon CS has been engineered to deliver excellent color stability without sacrificing clarity. Because it is made up of nano-scaled carbon particles, there will be ZERO signal interference for your electronic devices. KAVACA Carbon CS is offered in 4 shades – with no loss in heat rejection. Contact our team today for more information about our window tint films!

The Best Way to Protect Your Investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

Kavaca-Tint_IR Heat-Black


KAVACA Carbon CS window film contains a proprietary blend of non-metallic nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials which results in blocking up to 70% of the infrared heat that reaches the inside of your vehicle.


KAVACA Carbon Color Stable window tint film offers the most durable and best performing tint dyes while also providing increased clarity from the inside. This increases your privacy without obstructing your view of the road.


Customize your vehicle with a choice of various tint shades. Whether you prefer light tint shades or dark privacy glass options, we have the right film for you. Increase your comfort and effectively upgrade your car’s look today.


KAVACA Carbon Color Stable is formulated to prevent skin damage as well as skin cancer. Rated at SPF500, KAVACA Carbon CS blocks 99%+ of damaging UV radiation. This protects you, your passengers and the interior of your vehicle.

Zero Signal Interference

Radio, GPS, & Bluetooth signals will have zero interference due to the use of non-metallic nano-carbon technology. This means the heat rejection and UV filtering is done with microscopic carbon particles rather than metals.


KAVACA Carbon Color Stable is guaranteed not to fade or turn purple. No bubbling, no peeling and no cracking for the LIFETIME of the Film. Rest assured, you get long term great looks, outstanding color,  heat rejection and UV filtering.



With over two decades in the industry, we are the professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best window tint products on the market.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic Pro Kavaca Ceramic IR window tint is the most advanced automotive window film ever created blocking up to 97% of infrared heat, and giving you the most comfortable cabin experience.

Carbon Tint

This film is made up of a proprietary blend of nano-carbon particles and IR blocking materials, which can block up to 70% of infrared heat keeping your cabin cool during our hot summers.​

the best window tint for your INVESTMENT!